Police target aggressive drivers

Idaho Press-Tribune Staff
Updated 5 hours 38 minutes ago

Kuna Police will put more deputies on the road for the next week to find aggressive drivers and educate them about the risks of their behavior on the road.

Kuna will have deputies assigned to the directed patrols Friday through Sunday. A sheriff's spokeswoman said the officers will strictly enforce posted speed limits and all traffic laws, paying special attention to areas along Idaho Highway 69 and Avalon Street.
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Spokeswoman Andrea Dearden said the goal of the special patrol is to reduce the number of crashes and crash-related injuries resulting from aggressive driving by increasing the number of officers on the road.

Examples of aggressive driving include speeding, not signaling, tailgating, cutting in, not allowing others to merge, intersection violations along with disregarding signals and other road signs.

Overtime costs for the patrol will be paid through a grant from the Idaho Department of Transportation Office of Highway Operations and Safety.