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    Lightbulb SPECS Truth


    According to SPECS Speed Camera Dodge Confirmed as an Urban Myth the widely reported ‘dodge’ that apparently allowed speeding motorists to avoid detection by SPECS cameras has been exposed as a myth by the makers of the cameras.
    The SPECS system measures the exact time taken to travel between two sets of cameras and accurately calculates the average speed over the known distance.
    The Register quotes Geoff Collins, marketing director of Speedcheck Services Ltd, the manufacturers of the SPECS cameras, as describing the idea that you can avoid points on your license simply by changing lanes as “categorically untrue”.
    He went on to explain that not only was it technically untrue - the cameras can measure speed accurately whether the car changes lanes or not - but that Home Office Type Approval (HOTA) test had been carried out last year which allows the cameras to be used to detect speeding even when a car has changed lanes.
    That doesn’t seem to explain what the situation was before the cameras gained this new type approval. Have speeding tickets been issued in the past to motorists who changed lanes and were detected speeding by equipment not type approved for the purpose, or were tickets not issued for motorists who changed lanes while speeding?
    It’s also clearly untrue that the cameras can measure average speed accurately if a vehicle changes lanes several times. The system works by measuring the exact time taken to cover a known distance. Changing lanes obviously changes the distance travelled and makes any calculation inaccurate.
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    I love this "urban myth" nonsense.

    It was something they tried to keep quiet about.
    Yup... SPECS can do the business over multiple lanes, but the type approval was one camera per lane and you had to be in the same lane when you hit the second camera, otherwise they didn't have a case.

    Then they changed the TA when everyone found out.

    This "urban myth" explanation is to create a myth, so people don't try and get their money back/points off.



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