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    Default Hungary: Speed Camera Trap Use Live Cops to Catch Foreigners

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    Hungary: Speed Camera Trap Use Live Cops to Catch ForeignersOfficials in Hungary are combining live police officers and automated speed camera traps in an unusual way. In most countries, speed cameras are used to minimize or eliminate entirely any human involvement in the process of collecting million in fine revenue. Motorists accused by machine are normally sent a photograph and bill in the mail and must pay or face a license suspension. In Hungary, however, that procedure fails to capture revenue from motorists who hold a license from another country, particularly tourists crossing over on the M1 Highway near the border with Austria.

    Havaria Press reported that officials last month upgraded four speed cameras on the M1 Highway so that they would send automated alerts to a central command post with the identity of vehicles allegedly exceeding the speed limit. Real police officers would then be dispatched to pull over and demand on-the-spot cash payment from these tourists based on the license plate number and the machine's accusation.

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