Police warn, don't speed in school zones

Reported by: Beth Burnett
Email: burnett@kjrh.com
Last Update: 8/05 7:30 pm

There is no tolerance for speeders in school zones; That's according to Tulsa police, stepping up patrols in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, year-round school began in Tulsa. The rest of Tulsa Public Schools begin Monday.

Police say drivers are often caught off guard by the slow down in school zones this time of year, and want to remind them the flashing lights are back on.

Speeders in school zones get a citation that sends the violator automatically to a judge.

"Most monetary fines on speeding start at around $120, but going to court on a school zone (violation), a judge could easily asses $150 to $200 maybe even get jail time depending upon how fast you are going in it," said Officer Craig Murray.

Tulsa police wrote more that 1,600 citations to speeders in school zones last year.