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    Default CA - La Quinta Police using latest tools to keep streets safe

    The La Quinta Police Department believes enforcing traffic laws promotes traffic safety, which enhances the quality of life for every resident and visitor. To accomplish this, the La Quinta Police Department places a strong emphasis on traffic enforcement, accident investigation and occupant protection.

    In July, the La Quinta Police Department Traffic Unit became fully staffed with five motorcycle officers conducting enforcement throughout the city. The Traffic Unit also obtained new technologies and received grant funding to promote various campaigns directed toward traffic safety.
    Although the city's five motorcycle officers are the most visible part of this traffic enforcement effort, all La Quinta police cars conduct traffic enforcement whenever possible.
    Officers utilize a variety of methods to enforce speed-related laws, which include handheld laser units (or “LIDAR”), handheld and vehicle-mounted radar units. By employing the concepts of high visibility, efficient movement and deployment with effective enforcement activities, the Traffic Unit creates a positive impact on traffic safety in La Quinta.
    To help focus the enforcement efforts of all traffic units, the city of La Quinta purchased the Crossroads Database System and associated mapping software via an Office of Traffic Safety Grant. This system permits the rapid analysis of statistical data compiled from citation and traffic collision reports.
    In addition, the city purchased automated ticket writers, which enable officers to “swipe” a driver's license's magnetic stripe to transfer data onto a handheld computer. This allows officers to reduce the amount of time they detain a violator and provide an efficient method of data transfer to the court.
    The Traffic Unit also utilizes a speed warning trailer on a regular basis. In cooperation with the La Quinta Public Works Department, the radar trailer is used to provide high visibility traffic awareness in conjunction with traffic enforcement activities.
    To curb impaired driving, the police department has remained in partnership with 30 other law enforcement agencies in Riverside County. The program, known as “Avoid the 30,” is funded through the Office of Traffic Safety to provide saturation patrols and checkpoint operations each year within La Quinta. The city of La Quinta received approximately $11,500 during 2007 to combat impaired drivers through the “Avoid the 30” campaign.
    The city of La Quinta also received “new” grant monies in the amount of $27,364 from the Office of Traffic Safety to defray personnel costs associated with two DUI checkpoint operations that target impaired and unlicensed drivers within La Quinta.
    Our goal is to make the driving, bicycling or walking experience in La Quinta safe and enjoyable for everyone.
    Capt. Rodney Vigue is the La Quinta Police Chief
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    Default Re: CA - La Quinta Police using latest tools to keep streets safe

    This Office of Traffic Safety supplies a ridiculous amount of grant money when CA is essentially broke. Why they need to call in 30 other agencies to reap this overtime - driving from distances that amount to 3 hours alone - is almost unfathomable since they could do it with their own department's personnel. But No! They need to call in agencies from 200 miles distant.

    What a waste of taxpayer money for something that should and could be done on a local level. Somehow the law enforcement union got in on this nonsense when the people of CA voted in favor of taxes for needed road improvements and that got interpreted as "road safety" as well. Meanwhile, the CA roads are becoming so potholed that swerving to avoid one will get you pulled over for "weaving" by the endless number of law enforcement agencies (federal, state, local) on patrol.

    Next they will fly in departments from other states to join in fleecing the taxpayers from this Office of Traffic Safety's seemingly endless supply of overtime grant money for law enforcement.

    What a sham the public has been sold on!




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