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    Post Albertan gets $12,000 fine for speeding

    Albertan gets $12,000 fine for speeding
    Canwest News Service
    Published: Friday, August 29, 2008
    EDSON, Alta. - A 34-year-old Alberta man was handed a $12,000 speeding fine this week after police caught him roaring down the highway at 263 kilometres per hour - more than twice the posted speed limit.

    On May 1, a police officer noticed the man speeding on a Honda motorcycle on a stretch of Highway 16, between Edson and Hinton, Alta., with a 110 km/h speed limit. The officer gave chase, but was unable to match his speed, said Sgt. Ron Lyons with the RCMP.

    The same officer later spotted the motorcycle in Hinton, which is about 280 kilometres west of Edmonton. The Edson Traffic Court handed down the fine Aug. 27.

    The driver, a Hinton resident, struck a deal with the Crown prosecutor that allowed him to keep his licence in exchange for the high fine, said Lyons.

    "I've never seen a fine like that before," said Lyons. "A fine of $1,000 is usually a lot."

    Earlier this summer, the Hinton Traffic Court slapped an $8,500 fine on a 25-year-old Prince George, B.C., man for driving 206 km/h on the same stretch of highway.

    Lyons said he believed that man also struck a deal with the prosecutor to keep his licence.

    He attributed the new trend in high fines to a fresh face at the local traffic courts.

    "There's a new Crown prosecutor here who is working the high-fine angle, to make a point to the drivers that speed does cause injuries and death on highways and it's unacceptable," said Lyons.

    The maximum fine for speeding in the province is $25,000, he added. Tread lightly when driving in Alberta.
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    Default Re: Albertan gets $12,000 fine for speeding

    I don't even see how this happened... I understand the speed though, in Alberta there are lots of wide-open spaces that beg for throttle... but at the same time there are a lot of at-grade intersections, very dangerous to go faster than a hundred km...

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    Default Re: Albertan gets $12,000 fine for speeding

    Wow... Only in Alberta.

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    Default Re: Albertan gets $12,000 fine for speeding

    The most significant point here is that, just like in America, it's not about public safety or justice. If it were, they would have taken his licence and his stupid ass bike. Instead, it's all about money. Rat bastards.

    The really sad thing is that Alberta is actually the most civilised and progressive of all provinces.

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