Officers Target Aggressive Driving in Pike County
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Officers Target Aggressive Driving in Pike County

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By Wendy McNew
If you travel in Pike County you better be sure you obey the law. There's a fairly new police department on patrol.
Officers stopped one car for running through a red light and a second for making an illegal U-turn. Both drivers were nabbed by the newly formed Eastern Pike Regional Police Department in Matamoras for aggressive driving.
"We are really cracking down on it through here," explained Assistant Chief Eric Stewart as he patrolled Routes 6 and 209 in eastern Pike County.

He and his fellow officers are conducting PennDOT's Smooth Operator campaign, an effort to curb accidents by cracking down on excessive speeding, unsafe lane changes and reckless driving.
"Aggressive drivers are really the plague on the highways of Pennsylvania," said Mike Cotter of PennDOT.
The department said the Eastern Pike Regional Police are part of the cure.
It was formed in January after the Westfall Township and Matamoras borough police departments merged. They are one of the smallest departments to participate in the Smooth Operator program with only 10 officers on staff.
However PennDOT said the department is one of the most effective in the state.
"We are out and we are trying to make an impact and make sure motorists are out there being safe," Stewart said.
PennDOT said aggressive drivers are responsible for almost 75 percent of crashes on Pennsylvania roadways, almost 1,000 traffic fatalities in the state last year.
Back on patrol with Officer Stewart, he said, "Not on my watch. We are slowing the traffic down and we are out there enforcing it."