September 17, 2008 Posted by: Faye Sunderland
The UK government is trialling technology that can control the speed of our cars. The system, known as Intelligent Speed Adaptation can be fitted to a car to monitor the speed of the vehicle. It uses Sat-Nav technology and a pre-programmed computer containing details of the speed limits on each road to determine when a car is breaking the legal maximum speed.
Two types of the technology could be used, a Mandatory or Non-Overridable ISA, which can be linked to the engine or brakes to enforce the speed limit or a Voluntary ISA which would issue a warning to the motorist to slow down.
ISA could be adapted to adjust driving speed according to the weather, traffic and road conditions too, to improve safety, the Department for Transport (DfT) claim.
Trails have taken place in Leeds and Leicestershire and while implementation ISA is likely to be voluntary, the DfT are looking at ways to make the technology available to motorists. A DfT poll showed support for the technology, with 56 per cent of motorists supporting the idea.
Use of such a system could not only protect motorists from speeding fines and prevent accidents but could also prevent the unnecessary waste of fuel. Over-revving of our engines is a common way to waste fuel, ISA could also be programmed to help motorists drive in the most fuel-efficient way, reducing CO2 emissions.