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Staunton, Va.
Posted: 5:45 PM Sep 18, 2008
Last Updated: 7:42 AM Sep 19, 2008
Reporter: Meg Gatto
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Staunton police want motorists in the Queen City to hit the brakes. The police department is cracking down on speeders in one area of the city that is notorious for high speeds and dangerous accidents.
Staunton police say motorists are driving ten, 15 miles per hour over the speed limit on Richmond Road.
Officer Jeremy Campbell explains, "It's a four lane highway, and it looks more like it could be a faster paced type of roadway. That's why the speed limit is 35. Then people come into a 25 zone, which is sometimes hard for people to make a change to."
With a posted speed limit of 25 miles per hours, many find it hard to stick to that number.
Motorist Lou Ziegler comments, "I do find it very difficult going down a hill with the technology they have in these new cars to stay the speed limit."
Although he sometimes finds the speed limit unrealistic, Ziegler says his business, the Auto Warehouse, is effected by motorists who drive too fast.
"When we're trying to send people out on a test drive, pulling out of our lot makes it somewhat difficult because there is a little curvature in the hill right there and its hard to see them coming over the hill," comments Ziegler.
Campbell says new development and more traffic congestion is just one of the reasons for the new enforcement.
He says, "Because then you're going to have more people coming in and out, going to work to and from, and just more traffic. People will be coming across a four lane intersection and all that stuff. So, it could be a problem."
While police are only warning people about their speed at this speed, they say they will be out in full force next week writing tickets to speeders.