1,167 licences suspended: Over one million traffic violations in six months

By Zaher Bitar, Staff Reporter
Dubai Police have registered more than one million traffic violations since the new Federal Traffic Law came into effect in March this year.
A total of 1,167 driving licences were suspended, while 11 were cancelled for accumulation of 24 black points, a Dubai Police official said.
During the first six months after the new law came into force, the total number of traffic violations (see box) were more than half the traffic offences registered in 2007 (2.39 million).
Lieutenant Colonel Saif Al Mazroui, Acting Deputy Director, Traffic Department, Dubai Police, said: "Over-speeding caught by radar topped the list of offences at 601,025. Currently, there are 220 radars on Dubai roads and another 500 will be installed to curb reckless driving."
Other traffic offences included blocking traffic lanes, reckless driving, parking on pavements, driving on the hard shoulder, entering a road dangerously and jumping the red light.
The black points system and the heavy fines are expected to force motorists to comply with traffic regulations and reduce the number of fatalities on UAE roads, Al Mazroui said.
Stricter rules
He added that motorists should not be surprised if they find themselves without a driving licence as the new traffic system will send erring motorists back to driving school.
In the case of frequent violators, the driving licence will be suspended once the driver accumulates 24 black points. This system also has provisions for confiscating vehicles of errant drivers.
Vehicle offences
Dubai registered 1,250,817 traffic violations between March 1 and August 31, 2008. These include:

  • Jumping red lights: 6,659 cases
  • Not sticking to lanes: 15,503 cases
  • Speeding: 601,025 cases
  • Parking in prohibited areas: 61,498 cases
  • Traffic disruption: 116,498 cases
  • Parking on pavements: 43,129 cases