City Cracks Down On Traffic Violations

by: John Larson

For The Mountain Mail


SOCORRO – Mayor Ravi Bhasker is calling for safer city streets through stricter enforcement of traffic laws.

At last week’s city council meeting Bhasker recommended that the traffic control officer pick specific days at random to patrol different parts of town.

“We need to be more scrutinizing in that area,” he said. “Places like the hill to the hospital on Highway 60, and other parts of the city.”

Bhasker said the success of the 100 Days of Summer traffic program could continue throughout the year.

“It could be called ‘the other 265 days’,” he said. “Traffic safety is part of the quality of life in Socorro. If you roll through stop signs or go through red lights, you will be ticketed. This goes for everyone, and if I do something like that I need to be ticketed as well, so don’t take it personally.”

Chief Lawrence Romero said traffic monitoring by patrolling officers will be stepped up beginning this week starting Thursday, Sept. 25. Bhasker also said there needs to be more vigilance in the area of plaza park.

“The plaza has been a real gathering spot for people who are drunk,” Bhasker said. “It is a public space, but people who are inebriated and causing a public nuisance need to be spoken to by a policeman, or taken to jail.

“If people are enjoying the park that’s great, but if there’s alcohol and they’re creating a public nuisance and trashing the place we can’t allow that,” he said. “We need to have the police go by during the day and pick them up.”

Councilor Peter Romero said he has noticed a concerted effort by police officers to cruise the plaza area.

“I give them credit for what they have been doing so far,” Romero said