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    Post The Accuracy of Photo Radar

    The Accuracy of Photo Radar

    By Kirk Flatter

    October 8, 2008

    MEDFORD, Ore. -- If you see a light flash while driving through an intersection, there is about a 55-percent chance you will actually get a ticket.

    Medford Police say they throw out 44-percent of all pictures taken at red light camera intersections, of which there are only two in Medford. One at the intersection of Barnett and Stewart, the other at Biddle and McAndrews.

    Police say technology issues and obstructions are usually the reason for being forced to throw out a ticket. They say if they can't determine who the driver of the car is they have a difficult time giving a ticket. These obstructions can include motorcycle helmets blocking the face, a blurry picture, and if the gender of the person registered to the car doesn't match.
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    Default Re: The Accuracy of Photo Radar

    Do these cameras give tickets with points? In my town we have two RLC's and they issue tickets with fines, no points; so the gender of the person don't matter. The registered owner gets the ticket.



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