Revolutionary Device Enables Fixed and Mobile Traffic Enforcement

VITRONIC produces the world’s first dual system for speed enforcement

PRLog (Press Release)Oct 22, 2008 – Louisville, KY – An innovative next-generation solution from VITRONIC now enables police forces to provide fixed and mobile speed enforcement from a single device. The ‘dual-use’ housing system consists of LIDAR (laser-based) technology which captures speeding vehicles on up to 3 lanes in a single direction.

The first of VITRONIC’s pioneering system solutions has been sold to the Lithuanian Roads Administration. Consisting of a standard mobile PoliScanspeed enforcement system and a unique protective housing, both mobile and stationary speed checks can be carried out. The cost efficient solution for a state-of-the-art system operates in temperatures between -22°F to +113°F. The mobile components are mounted in a protective housing. When mobile operation is required they can then be easily removed, transferred to a tripod/vehicle and then reinstalled after mobile surveillance is completed.

Other than this unique dual-use functionality, the housing provides additional benefits. When installed, the mobile system is mounted on to an internal metal wall. To provide total protection from external interference the inner housing is surrounded by a second casing constructed from steel plates. Clear security glass also offers a safeguard from vandalism. The outer steel housing also serves as a shield to prevent the inner housing from direct sunlight and to help provide maximum violation capture rates.

This solution comes with the usual benefits and quality standards expected from VITRONIC’s PoliScanspeed products. The core laser technology provides a multi-lane, multi-vehicle capacity with lane specific speed detection. This enables all violations to be acquired, regardless of their speed or position on the road - vehicles traveling parallel and tailgating are all measured at speeds of up to 250km/h (155mph). The encrypted case files, with a digital signature, can then be sent to the back office system PoliScanoffice for further processing. This software provides Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) and creates documents which are valid in a court of law.
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Since its foundation in 1984, VITRONIC has continued to offer machine vision systems in 4 main areas: Industrial Automation, Logistics, Traffic Technology and Body Scanning. Now represented on four continents, the company offers standardised and turnkey solutions for a diverse range of machine vision applications.

A series of high-end technical products are designed, developed and manufactured in-house by a highly qualified and motivated team of over 300 employees. With its state of the art products, VITRONIC is a leader in this rapidly developing market.
More than half of all VITRONIC products were developed in the last 3 years. This is only possible through constant innovation and the creation of new solutions, and supported through investment of over 10 per cent of its annual turnover in research and development.
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