Traffic Cameras Removed From I-5 Work Zone Automatic Program Issued $137 Speeding Tickets: New Third Lanes Could Be Open by Thanksgiving; Work on New Exit to Port of Chehalis Continues Into Late 2009
Posted October 29, 12:12 pm. [replacer_a]
By The Chronicle
The automated traffic camera on Interstate 5 south of Chehalis has been removed, ending an automated program that issued $137 tickets to drivers speeding through the construction area.
With freeway widening work wrapping up on Friday, the state stopped snapping photos to enforce the speed limit in the construction area. In a bit more than a month of operation, the cameras resulted in 1,197 speeding tickets being issued, according to the Washington State Department of Transportation.
The SUV holding the camera may remain in place for a few more weeks collecting data, but no more speeding tickets will be issued. While the program has ended for the winter, officials plan to resume the project next year in other active construction zones.
The new third lanes from Chehalis to Napavine are nearly finished. If all goes well, WSDOT hopes to open the lanes soon.
“We’re trying to get it open before Thanksgiving,” said WSDOT spokesperson Abbi Russell. “We can’t guarantee that we will, but we’re working really hard to do that.”
While drivers will soon be able to drive unimpeded down the widened freeway, work will continue on the overpass at Labree Road and new exit to the Port of Chehalis.
Construction is scheduled to continue into late 2009, Russell said.