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    Post New speed camera detector exploits loophole

    New speed camera detector exploits loophole

    The Mini Coyote, a new type of speed trap detector on sale in Britain that allows its users to share instantaneously information on the location of cameras, is exploiting a grey area of the law.
    Motorists using the Mini Coyote who spot speed cameras, including those being used covertly, will be able to alert other vehicles with the same technology in around 10 seconds by simply pressing a button on the dashboard-mounted device.
    A spokesperson for the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) said: “This appears to exploit a loophole in the law as many other real-time speed camera detectors that detect police radar and laser systems are soon to banned under the Road safety Act 2006.”
    Is the Mini Coyote legal?

    At present, it appears so. And the Mini Coyote speed camera detector, which sells for less than £150, may prove difficult to ban; GPS-based systems appear to have the support of government as they compliment its policy to ensure fixed camera sites are conspicuous to drivers.
    Former road safety minister, Stephen Ladyman once assured parliament that such systems would “continue to be perfectly legal. I have one myself.”

    Any attempt to sabotage the system is likely to be quickly foiled; drivers who repeatedly press the button in places where no one else reports a camera will have their transmissions blocked.
    What is the ETA?

    The ETA is a not-for-profit organisation providing motorists and cyclists with green breakdown cover and green insurance products. The ETA exists in order to campaign for sustainable transport – when you buy our services you help fund our charitable work.
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    Default Re: New speed camera detector exploits loophole


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    Wow, think if a good amount of people have this little device speeding enforcement will go bye bye!

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    Default Re: New speed camera detector exploits loophole

    If you guys are interested,you can read Coyote review here:
    UK Speedtrap Guide. radar detector comparison, compare radar detector, gatso, speeding, speedtrap, gatso camera, blinder, uk speed trap, speed trap uk

    BTW,Coyote is the only GPS detector on the market that uses real-time GSM/UMTS update sistem.Coyote is used in France for over 2 years now and it works VERY well.

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    Default Re: New speed camera detector exploits loophole

    Damn my TomTom GPS can do this I bet. TomTom has feature where you can connect your unit to your cell phone and it will transmit your location to you buddies so they know your location and navigate to you. It would not be hard to do the same for speed traps. So they much have a real time database of all speed traps which updated all receivers on the network of any changes. This better than having CB radios.

    The only down side it the month fee, I rather use my cell phones data package I already have it have it linked to my cell verses getting another service that I would have to pay for.
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