Burnley mobile speed camera sites unveiled

2:06pm Monday 10th November 2008
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By Simone Yates »

TEN ‘traffic troublespots’ set to be targeted by mobile speed cameras have been unveiled.
Burnley Council bosses say the additional camera sites will be put in use ‘as soon as possible’ in a bid to crackdown on roadside casualties.
The sites were drawn up at a public meeting in September, giving local residents the chance to point out the areas that caused ‘community concern’.
The potential sites were measured on speed, potential conflict with pedestrians, children and cyclists, and recorded injury collisions.
Burnley Council leader Gordon Birtwistle said the cameras will help combat crime and minimise speeding drivers in the area.
He said: ”It will be a great to have the additional speed cameras located within the town.
“They make people realise how fast they are actually going. And I think it’s better to warn people rather than fine people.”
The speed cameras in the area are managed by Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety, who launched their operation in October 2001 to road safety.
In order to address specific concerns within local communities, the partnership has established 73 sites of ‘community concern’ across the county. The new sites will double the number of mobile sites within the county.
Linda Sanderson, communications manager for Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety, said Burnley will benefit from the additional sites.
She said: “Local residents are delighted that they have been listened to and that action to save lives is being taken.”
The areas that will benefit from mobile cameras are: Brownside Road, Burnley Road, Colne Road, Accrington Road, Red Lees Road, Ridge Avenue, Padiham Road,Barden Lane, Ightenhill Park Lane, Cog Lane