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    Default does putting a radar system in your vehicle jam against radar

    Does installing a radar system in your vehicle jam against a leo using radar at you work? like buying a stalker dsr ,mph bee, or kustom eagle i heard it reflects it back, or if you make it stronger somehow a guy on ebay said he was doing it w few radar antennas that he made a jammer the signal was stronger reflecting it he was selling them but wouldnt say how he did it, anyone know this question? i bet a rd wouldnt work w it on unless u disabled whatever band. thought it would be kool if this was legal it wasnt a jammer a real radar and everyones rd would be goin off
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    Default Re: does putting a radar system in your vehicle jam against radar

    Hi siRman20,

    Radar jammers are highly illegal -- heavy fines ($10,000 plus imprisionment). There are no USA manufacturers of radar jammers. Rocky Mountain Radar used to sell products which they claimed would jam radar, but their products were proven time and again to be totally ineffective. RMR was prohibited by the FCC from marketing their products.

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    Default Re: does putting a radar system in your vehicle jam against radar

    Not sure how this qualifies as a news item. But to answer the original question, it is theoretically possible to take a radar unit and convert it into a jammer. However, aside from the illegality of it, there are other problems with the proposition. First, such a device would cover only one radar frequency, not all the possibilities (although, there may well be only one frequency threat in your area). Second, today's radar units have Digital Signal Processing (DSP). This means they analyse the return signal to determine it is the same signal that was transmitted from the unit. Consequently, if you are transmitting 34.7 Ka to another 34.7 Ka unit, it will not be confused by your signal, as the signals are digitally encoded for electronic recognition. It's like a key. It takes more than the proper blank key to open a lock. The proper blank has to be properly cut for the specific lock.

    So yes, theoretically, you might be able to easily develop a device from a radar unit that would jam a twenty or thirty year old X or K band unit without DSP. But no, that would not offer you any real protection in today's real world. It would take a serious RF electronics wiz to reliably defeat today's radar. And none of them seem to want to violate federal law to do so.

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    Default Re: does putting a radar system in your vehicle jam against radar

    as mem said heavy heavy fines my friend



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