Posted Mon Nov 17, 2008 8:11am AEDT

More than 52,000 P-platers in New South Wales have had their licences suspended since tougher laws were introduced last year.

New figures, released by the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA), have revealed about 104 provisional drivers are having their licences suspended on a daily basis in NSW.

About one in eight P-platers have been suspended for speeding or other offences.

The high number of suspensions come after a number of tougher conditions were placed on P-platers in July last year, including the suspension of licences for any speeding offence.

The Opposition's Road Safety spokesman, Andrew Fraser, says the figures show the need for better driver training.

"What we need is a proper driver training and education regime that can teach young drivers not to break the law and the possibility what could happen to them," he said.

The Police Minister, Tony Kelly, says the number of drivers who have had their licences suspended shows the tougher restrictions on P-platers are being enforced and are working.

"This is all about giving young people the message that they shouldn't speed on our roads," he said.

"As they understand that, there will be fewer of them losing their licences."

104 P-platers losing licence daily - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)