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    Default NJ: AC Expressway to go cashless

    Expressway going cashless by end of 2010
    Announcement comes the day tolls increase for first time in a decade
    Announcement comes the day tolls increase for first time in a decade
    (Published: Wednesday, November 19, 2008


    Paper and coin will be monetary history on the Atlantic City Expressway by the end of 2010.
    Expressway operators said Tuesday that's when they expect to implement their plan to make the toll road cash-free.
    Bart Mueller, executive director of the South Jersey Transportation Authority, or SJTA, which operates the expressway, said the agency will spend the next several months working out the technical details and talking with labor unions regarding what will happen to expressway toll collectors.
    SJTA spokeswoman Sharon Gordon said toll collectors won't wind up unemployed. Those employees will undergo "cross training" and fill other jobs that become vacant within SJTA, she said.
    With cashless tolling, the SJTA will rely on E-ZPass and a system called video tolling.
    Video tolling uses surveillance cameras to take images of license plate numbers of vehicles that go through toll booths without using E-ZPass. The license plate numbers would be used to find addresses for toll-billing purposes.
    Mueller said the SJTA hopes to increase the number the motorists who use E-ZPass from the current approximately 55 percent to 70 percent by the time cashless tolling begins.
    The announcement of the cashless tolling target starting time occurred on the same day that the SJTA raised tolls on the expressway for the first time in a decade. The new toll schedule started at 12:01 a.m., shortly after SJTA workers uncovered signs listing the new fares and made the final electronic changes to the toll-collection system.
    Aside from motorists who didn't know about the toll hikes, and some who fumbled to find some extra change at ramp tolls, SJTA officials said the changeover went smoothly.
    Mueller said the agency will monitor its equipment to make sure it works in accordance with the new fare structure.
    As of Tuesday, ramps that cost 25 cents increased to 40 cents; ramps that cost 50 cents increased to 75 cents; passenger car toll rates at the Egg Harbor toll plaza went from $2 to $3; and from 50 cents to 75 cents at the Pleasantville toll plaza.
    The SJTA is offering some relief.
    E-ZPass users traveling eastbound through Pleasantville and Egg Harbor toll plazas between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday until May get a 25 percent discount. The SJTA said the discount is intended to promote tourism in Atlantic County and urges motorists to take advantage of E-ZPass and the new E-ZPass On the Go tags.
    The expressway toll hikes are expected to raise $205 million to pay for various improvements on the expressway and at Atlantic City International Airport, which the SJTA also operates.
    Motorists interviewed at the service plaza about the toll hikes had mixed reactions.
    "Do I want want to pay more?" Philadelphia resident Michael Venutto said. "No. Who wants to pay more for anything?"
    Burlington County resident Anne Willingham said there's "no such thing as a good toll hike" but said the higher fees are tolerable if expressway operators use the money for its intended purpose.
    "The road's nice," she said. "They should keep it this way."
    The expressway is the first of the state's major toll toads to hike tolls: Higher fares on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway start Dec. 1.
    E-mail Thomas Barlas: Expressway going cashless by end of 2010
    Aside from my strong views against a cashless society, this will turn into a ticket issuing program. 'Well, to get from toll A to toll B it took you 53 minutes, so you must have averaged 73MPH, Here's your ticket.'

    Can anyone say 'Bull-sh'?

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    Default Re: NJ: AC Expressway to go cashless

    or just more aggressive leos giving out more tickets with new lidar

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    Default Re: NJ: AC Expressway to go cashless

    Funny you should post this now, I'm going to AC this weekend... My friend is turing 30. Whats the toll on the AC expressway now?

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    Default Re: NJ: AC Expressway to go cashless

    It's at the end of the article.



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