Rio Rancho police snag speeders from the air Speeders on Highway 528 in Rio Rancho probably thought the cherry picker next to the highway was nothing more than a line worker getting an early start during the morning commute Thursday.
About 85 people know differently, now. That cherry picker was holding a police officer and that officer was holding a radar gun.
“The advantages are no one knows that we’re doing anything,” said John Francis, Rio Rancho Police Department spokesman. “It just looks like some other work vehicle doing some type of work overhead.”
Rio Rancho police say that Highway 528 is a popular road for speeders and is also one of the worst roads in the metro area for speeders.
“This area does have a lot of crashes and a lot of them are attributed to speed,” said Francis.
Police say using a cherry picker is just one tactic that officers are using to crack down on aggressive drivers and police say they have other ideas up their sleeves.