Clarinda Police Department cracks down on traffic violations during Thanksgiving holiday sTEP event

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As the Thanksgiving travel period approaches, the Iowa Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau supports the mobilization of more than 300 law enforcement agencies across the state in an effort to make this holiday safer for all motorists. The effort will take place November 24-30, 2008, and officers will be out in force along Iowa's roadways to promote safe driving through the compliance of Iowa's traffic laws. This effort is the first Special Traffic Enforcement Program (sTEP) event for 2008-2009 program year. Officers will focus on speed, seat belts and drunk drivers. Each and every day, our law enforcement officers respond to collisions where the use of a safety belt would have reduced injuries or prevented loss of life. With the help of the motoring public, education and law enforcement, Iowa has reached 92.9% seat belt usage up from 91.4% a year ago. Please join us and remember to buckle up every time you travel along Iowa's roadway day or night.
Iowa Department of Public Safety Commissioner Eugene Meyer said, "Iowans traditionally do very well when it comes to seat belt usage. But one death is too many. I believe the number of fatalities could easily be reduced if occupants would take time to buckle up, slow down and drive sober."
During the 2007 Thanksgiving holiday, there were 13 crashes with 16 fatalities and three of those were alcohol related. As of October 31. 2008, Iowa DOT has reported 323 fatalities, 24 less than a year ago.
During last year's sTEP wave enforcement event, law enforcement officers from across the state reported 310 OWI violations, 1,627 seat belt violations, 8,613 speed violations with 18,640 total traffic violations. There were 947 collisions covered along with 1,517 motor assists and 36 felony and 112 narcotics arrests made. Not only are law enforcement officers making our streets safe, they are making our communities safe as well.
For more information, please visit Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau and or contact: Keith Brothers, Chief of Police, Clarinda Police Department, 712-542-2194.