Govt open to publishing speed camera sites

Posted 2 hours 15 minutes ago
Updated 2 hours 16 minutes ago
The Queensland Government says it has not yet seen a police proposal to publish the sites of speed cameras in the state but would consider it.
Police Minister Judy Spence says senior officers are investigating the idea and are studying the approach taken by other states.
Ms Spence says police began looking at the idea in May but are still preparing their report for the Queensland Government.
"I expect that their report won't be completed until the new year," she said.
"They're doing some research on the impact of advertising these speed camera sites in other states and we'll look at their research before we make a decision."
The RACQ has welcomed suggestions the Government is again considering publishing the sites of speed cameras.
RACQ spokesman Gary Fites says publishing camera sites would address concerns that they are only a revenue raising measure.
"The motoring public is divided pretty well 50-50 on the worth or the real intent of speed cameras," he said.
"We think this proposal whereby there was much more transparency in terms of speed camera zones would lend lend greater support, greater credibility to the speed camera program and that can be no bad thing in itself."