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    Post CA - Year-Long Special Traffic Safety Program Instituted

    Year-Long Special Traffic Safety Program Instituted

    The Pasadena Police Department has just implemented a year-long special traffic safety program aimed at preventing roadway deaths and injuries. New and enhanced traffic enforcement measures will be in force as a result of a recent $232,900 grant awarded by the Office of Traffic Safety to the City of Pasadena. “The Pasadena Police Department is dedicated to keeping our streets safe through both enforcement and education,” says Chief of Police Bernard Melekian. “We greatly appreciate the partnership with the Office of Traffic Safety and the tools they provide to help us maintain traffic safety in the City.”
    The Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) grant assists in efforts to deal with traffic safety problems and reduce the number of people killed and injured in traffic collisions. The grant activities will specifically target DUI offenders, drivers with suspended or revoked licenses, illegal street racing, red light runners, and seatbelt violations. This will be done through the use of activities which may include DUI/driver’s license checkpoints and special enforcement operations. The grant also provides funding for equipment and overtime to conduct special enforcement activities.
    “The bottom line is that following traffic laws, whether it’s using seat belts, driving sober, or not speeding, makes sense because it saves lives,” said Christopher J. Murphy, Director of the Office of Traffic Safety. “This grant will help make the roadways of the City of Pasadena safer for everyone.
    Funding for the grant comes from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
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    Default Re: CA - Year-Long Special Traffic Safety Program Instituted

    "This is a bunch of crap! ! !"

    This grant comes from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is nothing but overtime for the traffic cops. We have it here in the CA city I live and every Tuesday (the day most traffic leos on bikes are off) and they are all on duty and work in a 2 block radius. Looks like a burglary going on. They write the most tickets they can on a 4 hours overtime period from 4-8 PM.

    I got wrote for some "invisible pedestrian" that I never saw nor did the cop who followed me through the crosswalk (he didn't hit him or her either). I got wrote up for the invisible pedestrian and the ticket was $391. It p!ssed me off so much on principle that I turned it over to my lawyer and that cost me $900 and that's when I learned of this overtime scam brought to you by the CA OTS grant. They'll write you for 2-3 mph over as well, but I was way under that coming off a stop light.

    It took 4 months for the ticket to get into the system before the lawyer could access it. Appears the cop is making "amendments" to the tickets as the lady at the court told me when I got the courtesy fine and went to find out why. What the "amendments" to the ticket are I don't know. Now the lawyer gets to do his thing.

    Safety my @ss!




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