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    Default AU - One in four Victorians caught speeding, TAC report shows

    A QUARTER of Victorian drivers have been caught speeding in the past two years, and 10 per cent say they speed most or all the time.

    The damning statistics have been revealed by the TAC as it launched an anti-speeding campaign today.

    The TAC-commissioned study shows 26 per cent of drivers admit being caught speeding in the past two years.

    Official figures show 572,380 speeding fines were handed out from fixed and mobile cameras and police officers in the six months to June this year.

    Police Assistant Commissioner Ken Lay said authorities expected to dish at least one million fines this year.

    The fines are expected to raise $162 million this year.

    One in four Victorians caught speeding, TAC report shows | Herald Sun

    Edit: the latest lame TV add

    [ame=""]YouTube - TAC Speeding TVC - Regional[/ame]
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    Default Re: AU - One in four Victorians caught speeding, TAC report shows

    That TV ad is off target. It looks like they're trying to make drivers more scared of the enforcement than actually hurting anyone. The "before anyone gets hurt" bit feels like it was thrown in there to justify it all.

    Roads and TAC Minister Tim Holding said speeding was the single biggest killer on the roads, and was involved in at least 30 per cent of fatal crashes.
    So the big question, as it always is, are they considering "speeding" or "speed to fast for conditions?"

    The anti-speeding push comes as three teens were hurt after a quad bike they were riding slammed into a power pole near Warburton.

    THREE teenage boys have been injured when an allegedly stolen quad bike they were riding struck a power pole near Warburton.
    They were all aged 14. An ambulance spokesman said the bike smashed into the pole at Wesburn about 6pm yesterday.
    When is the last time you saw a 14 year old on a quad pulled over on the highway?

    That crash comes a day after eight young people were hurt, three critically, when a Mitsubishi Lancer was wrapped around another pole in Clayton.

    One of the seriously injured is learner driver Nyankir Ajak, 20, who is believed to have been at the wheel of the two-door coupe when it became airborne across a Princes Highway nature strip before wrapping itself around a pole.
    It takes a little more than 15 km/h over the limit to become airborne...

    Seven of the eight victims, aged 18 to 25, were Sudanese.
    "We've got two in the front and six in the back. I can't for the life of me imagine how they got eight people in there.
    High speed and alcohol were being investigated as causes of yesterday's accident, which police blamed on "sheer stupidity".
    Her sister Diana told the Herald Sun the 20-year-old could not drive. "From what I know she does not know how to drive," Diana said. "I don't know what happened. She only has her learner's."
    Another sister, Achok, was confident her older sister would not get behind the wheel of a car.
    "She doesn't know how to drive that well," she said.
    That sounds like a terrible accident and I feel sorry for those involved, but really....

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    Default Re: AU - One in four Victorians caught speeding, TAC report shows

    Ad was right on target



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