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Reporter: Chris Woodard
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Posted Tuesday, December 2, 2008 --- 9:30 a.m.
Their mayor may not have gotten option "A" but Monona drivers will be feeling the pinch anyway.
Police presence is increasing, fines are going up and police say you should benefit.
It's a big problem that could soon mean many more flashing lights.
Monona police are getting help putting speeders in their cross-hairs.
Lieutenant Frank Fenton says, "Citizens are concerned and they really want strictly enforced speed limits."
The city is as picturesque as it is busy. 2 county highways and 2 and a half miles of beltline mean big problems for a small city.
Fenton says, "In lots of places folks are seeing more traffic and speeders so it's a legitimate concern."
The mayor's request for an additional traffic officer was denied but the city council is approving 35-thousand dollars for officer overtime that will be spent watching the roads.
Extra patrols mean you better obey the speed limit because if you get caught the punishments are going up too.
Fenton says, "25 means 25. That's very honestly what we hope to accomplish."
This driver was caught going 40 in a 25 and that means a 78-dollar ticket, but it will soon be over 80. Council members also voted to raise all fines by 5 dollars.
Fenton says, "There's a big difference between a warning and a please drive more carefully and a please drive more carefully, here's your citation that actually costs you money and points on your license."
Consequences police are hoping will slow down this small city.
Police say in reality the increased fines and patrols will help drivers because they'll cause less speeders and that means less accidents, less injuries and cheaper insurance.