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    Default How is this possible???

    what the hell is wrong with this girl and people in general? She killed her boyfriend and then tries to ruin someone elses life? I guess she equates life to money because that seems to be all she wants or not to be blamed for it.

    Houston judge's daughter sues driver she hit while drunk | Chronicle | - Houston Chronicle

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    Default Re: How is this possible???

    it is possible because of bottom feeding lawyers.

    my wife was sued by a driver that rear ended her car. she was not driving her car at the time and was not even in her car. she lent to someone who got rear ended at a stop light. the at fault driver filed the suit right before the statute of limitations ran out as a last ditch effort to extort money out of us.

    these bottom feeders go after the drivers not the insurance co. years later hoping they will not know the laws and their rights. they also hope that you have switched ins co. and don't know the old ins co. can still fight the suit.

    we called the insurance company about the suit, and they quickly got it dismissed. since it was the guy suings fault.
    Rod Blagojevich: I'm Lawful, 'Feel Free' To Tape Me

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