New Todmorden speed cameras are now live


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Published Date: 25 December 2008
By Staff Copy
TWO new speed cameras in Todmorden have now gone live, reports West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership.
The partnership is responsible for the installation and upkeep of the county's safety cameras and put up the latest two, on Halifax Road, Todmorden, the first near the junction with Woodhouse Road as you approach the town from the Halifax direction aADVERTISEMENT

nd the second at its junction with King Street.

The council were concerned about the number of casualties on this stretch of road, said partnership spokesman Philip Gwynne.

They are rear-facing TSS Robot cameras and have been installed in a bid to reduce the number of crashes on the stretch of road, particularly by motorcyclists at excess speed, the partnership says.

There have been six crashes causing death or serious injury on that stretch of road since 2005, including two so far in 2008, the partnership's figures show.

In addition there were three less serious crashes in 2005, five in 2006 three in 2007 and two in 2008, making a total of 21 casualties in less than three years on the short stretch, with the average speed of vehicles being 39 miles per hour in what is a 30 miles per hour zone, which might explain the severity of the casualties.

Mr Gwynne said: "The rear facing cameras take a clear picture of the registration number on the back of motorcycles and other vehicles and it is hoped this knowledge - and the likelihood of detection and prosecution - will encourage bikers and motorists to slow down on Halifax Road, for their own safety as well as for other road users."

Councillor Amanda Byrne, Calderdale Council's portfolio holder for regeneration and development, said the road had been the location for a number of crashes, several of them serious.

"It is hoped the cameras will help reduce the number of speed-related collisions taking place here, ensuring people's safety," she said.