Police catch sixty drink drivers a day

Release date: Sat 3 January 2009

Nine hundred and three drink drivers have been taken off our roads in the past two weeks as the largest traffic operation comes to an end.

Close to 6,000 police officers saturated Victoria’s roads as part of Operation Aegis, spending more than 25,000 hours targeting dangerous drivers.

Operation Aegis detected:

· 256 drink drivers who exceeded 0.00 per cent

· 588 drink drivers who exceeded 0.05 per cent

· 36 people who refused a breath test

23 people detected driving under the influence of alcohol

· 403 disqualified drivers

· 766 unlicensed drivers

· 8,247 speeding motorists

· 323 drivers who disobeyed traffic signals

· 567 drivers who disobeyed traffic signs

· 1622 seatbelt offences

· 1,883 mobile phone offences

· 27 positive drug tests

In addition, more than 248,376 preliminary breath tests were conducted and 992 random drug tests.

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Victoria Police - Police catch sixty drink drivers a day