Speed Check Services says A127 average speed cameras will work

6:50am Tuesday 6th January 2009
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By Adam Gaudry »

NEW average speed cameras will still catch speeding drivers on the A127 even if they switch lanes between cameras.
The new average speed camera zone is due to come into effect at the end of January, enforced by cameras on both sides of a 6.2-mile stretch between Southend and the Nevendon interchange just outside Basildon.
There had been speculation a legal loophole might mean speeding drivers could avoid getting caught switching lanes between cameras.
But Geoff Collins, a sales and marketing manager for Speed Check Services, the firm putting in the cameras, said they were tested and given Home Office approval last January.
He added: “You can only use a camera in the way it has been tested, so we tested it across lanes and it was approved.
“It was a matter of proving changing lanes didn’t change the accuracy of cameras.
“It won’t matter if a vehicle passed through a camera in lane one and through another camera in lane two.”
Between Nevendon and the Dick Turpin pub, the current 70mph limit will stay in place.
From the Dick Turpin, the road will have a 50mph limit for the remaining four miles up to the 40mph speed limit at the Southend borough boundary.