Davenport red light cameras not working as planned
Posted: Jan 5, 2009 07:08 PM
Updated: Jan 5, 2009 07:10 PM
By Chris Williams
DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Drivers in Davenport have been a little more careful at intersections this new year, but tonight Newschanel 8 has learned those red light camera's are on the blink. Our Chris Williams first asked questions about whether they truly were caputring crimes last night, he has latest.
Late this afternoon an official with the Davenport Police Department called me to confirm our suspicions from the piece we aired last night. They say the red light cameras are not up and running, even though they were set to start rolling New Year's Day.
Police say the company that controls the cameras is dealing with an internet and software problem making it impossible for the company to turn on the cameras yet. They expect a solution within days and hope to have them operational before the end of the week.
We wondered whether the cameras were on when we staked out three of the intersections Sunday and noticed a few drivers run red lights and no tell tale flash of light that comes when the camera captures an image. We were told by a Sergeant on duty that they were activated and capturing images, but this afternoon police tell us they became aware of a problem with the cameras late this weekend.
Officers tell us the fix should not cost the city money, but they are out of luck on the fines the cameras would have brought in since Thursday. Their best advice is to drive as though the cameras are on because they won't release another warning when they do go back on-line.
Police say the glitch will not affect the speed cameras which are set to begin rolling January 15th.