Top Cop Snapped Speeding On Most Lethal Road

Jan 11 2009 By Raymond Hainey
Police Chief Caught By Own Force
A CHIEF constable caught speeding on Scotland's most dangerous road issued a grovelling apology yesterday.
Kevin Mathieson, who was clocked doing 72mph in a 60mph zone on the A9, said: "There is no excuse."
The Tayside Police chief was flashed by a speed camera on the road to the Highlands where an average of 17 people have died every year since 2002.
Drivers have accused his force of being more interested in collecting fines than safety after hiding cameras behind signs on the notorious road.
Two years ago, the Tayside force refused to tell the Sunday Mail how many drivers were flashed by one camera - dubbed the most lucrative in Scotland - concealed near Dunkeld.
Mathieson's offence only came to light after Freedom of Information laws were used to ask the force about senior officers caught speeding.
He was fined 60 and given three penalty points after being caught near Kingussie. Isobel Brydie, of Scotland's Campaign against Irresponsible Drivers, said: "It's difficult to discipline a chief constable as no one is higher than him.
"The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland should have internal procedures like fines on wages or removing officers from driving duties.
"It's not the example we want to see from any officer."
AA president Edmund King said: "Speed limits apply to everyone, including police.
"But he has had his punishment and I don't think the offence is serious enough to warrant more than that."
Mathieson was caught by a Northern Constabulary camera while on duty last September, only two months after taking over the top job in Tayside.
He was on his way to a conference a week after his own traffic officers caught 45 people speeding.
Mathieson said: "There is never an excuse for speeding.
"I very much regretmy error of judgement."
Northern Constabulary chief constable Ian Latimer was fined and given three penalty points after being caught doing 72mph on the same road in 2007.

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