Sacramento Red Light Cameras Out Of Commission

Elyce Kirchner
SACRAMENTO (CBS13) ― Click to enlarge (File Photo) WBZ
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Red light cameras are disappearing across Sacramento intersections as officials upgrade the equipment to modern standards, and the county is expected to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in ticket revenue while the change takes place.

According to the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, 20 cameras at various intersections have been taken down and won't return for some time.

"They are now completely down," said Sheriff's Department spokesman Tim Curran. "We are now in the process of transitioning from the older film system to a new, digital film system."

The current system brings in around $1.9 million a year from catching drivers running lights. During the four months to upgrade the system, more than $600,000 in traffic fines will be lost.

Some drivers believe that loss will be their gain, but officials believe that going digital will ultimately help catch more speeders red-handed.

"It also provides streaming video, so those people who are ticketed will actually have the ability to go online and view their picture," Curran said.

Officials say most of the revenue from traffic tickets ends up going to the state, so the lack of cash won't affect local budgets.