Speeding ticket slapped on innocent forklift

By JARED MORGAN - The Southland Times | Wednesday, 14 January 2009

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Paraparaumu police are hunting the driver of an Invercargill-based vehicle clocked travelling at 119kmh north of Wellington last week.
In a case of mistaken identity, a forklift belonging to Lindsay Carrying Co was identified as the offending vehicle. It has a top speed of 19kmh.
Assistant manager Shelley Kempton said she initially thought "someone was taking the p..." when she opened the mail at Lindsay Carrying's depot in Eye St yesterday.
In a plain-brown envelope was a request from Paraparaumu police asking the company to provide the identity of the driver of a Toyota vehicle travelling south at 119kmh on State Highway 1 at Waikanae at 4.51pm on January 7, she said.
"I knew that registration number so I went out and walked around all the vehicles."
Not thinking to check the forklift, she then scanned a file containing details of the company's fleet of two trucks, three vans and finally two forklifts.
"Then I realised ... I nearly wet myself laughing," she said. "It would have been a very cold trip to Waikanae on that."
Husband Roger Kempton said: "I reckon I would have lost about 7kg on that trip."
Roger Kempton also works for the company and said jokes had been flowing all day.
The forklift was bought new by the company in 2006 and had never left Invercargill, Shelley Kempton said. "The furthest it's ever been is probably Clyde St a block and a half away."
When the officer who issued the ticket, Constable Robin Luijk, was contacted at the Kapiti police station in Paraparaumu, his instructions were simply to disregard it.