Speeding woman 'desperate for toilet'

Bellinda Kontominas
January 16, 2009 - 4:20PM


A pregnant woman caught driving at more than 30kmh over the speed limit has had her driver's licence suspension reduced today after arguing she had been desperate to go to the toilet.
Bettina May, of Chipping Norton in Sydney's south-west, had her driver's licence suspended for three months by the RTA after she was caught driving at 147kmh in the F3 freeway.
Today she appealed against the suspension at Liverpool Local Court, but was criticised by magistrate Jennifer Giles for her "selfish behaviour".
Her lawyer, Ugo Parente, told the court the offence occurred in October when May was in the early stages of her pregnancy.
It was her first pregnancy and she was still getting used to the pressure placed on her bladder, Mr Parente told the court.
"She stopped on several occasions to go on the side of the road but she couldn't find anywhere suitable," he said.
"She unfortunately had such an urge that she sped."
May, who is due to give birth in March, was in court for the hearing.
She had been "too embarrassed" to tell police why she had been speeding at the time and had been so desperate to go to the bathroom that when she was stopped by police she wet herself, Mr Parente said.
The court heard that May had not been wearing a seatbelt when she was pulled over.
"I can't even compute that she's not wearing a seatbelt," said Ms Giles. "How dead would she be at 147kmh?"
The court heard May had been pulled over twice before for exceeding the speed limit by more than 30kmh.
But Mr Parente said she had a relatively good record over the past decade and asked that the suspension be overturned so she could continue to drive for her work as a personal assistant.
But Ms Giles dismissed the appeal and reduced the period of suspension to two months.
"This was not safe, this was not responsible, this was incredibly selfish behaviour," Ms Giles said.
"Thank the Lord the police stopped her before something terrible happened."