UGENE, Ore. -- Watch out: you're now more likely to get a ticket on some highways in Eugene. Officers will be out in force along the Delta and Beltline highways again Friday, part of a stepped up effort to target problem areas during commuter hours..
Speeding, tailgating and not signaling during lane changes are the main causes of accidents in these areas, according to law enforcement.
"We've initiated a long term plan to emphasize patrols in that area and trying to get at least a 5 percent reduction in crashes over the next one to two years," said Sgt. Ron Martin with the Oregon State Police.
Other zones chosen for increased patrols:

  • Highway 126 East of Springfield between mileposts 9 and 18
  • Highway 126 West between mileposts 12 and 24
  • Highway 101 north of Florence
  • Highway 58 east of Oakridge