Police plan to issue 10 percent more traffic tickets By Daniel Shmil
The traffic police's enforcement goals for 2009 include a 10 percent increase in the number of traffic tickets issued, according to the police enforcement plan which came into the hands of TheMarker. This figure represents an estimated 1.5 million traffic tickets, and almost NIS 700 million for the state coffers.

The detailed document, drafted by National Traffic Division head Meir Or, spells out enforcement for various offenses. These are divided into three groups: offenses that cause accidents (running a red light, for example), offenses that increase damage during an accident (failure to wear seat belts, for example) and hooliganism on the road (such as entering a gridlocked intersection). Advertisement

The offenses to be particularly enforced by the police are drunkenness, failure to wear seat belts or helmets, jaywalking and speeding. In enforcing speed, a threshold of 11 kph above the permitted speed on that road has been set, with an extra 4 kph if speed is measured by a device such as a laser gun. This means that if the permitted speed is 100 kph, enforcement will apply only to drivers who travel faster than 115 kph.

Another target of the traffic division is "an increased use of powers," in other words, taking vehicles off the road, invalidating licenses on the spot and issuing prohibitions against vehicle use. Such actions will be taken in cases such as transporting surplus cargo, transporting more passengers than permitted, and crossing a railroad track or white dividing line.