Record Number of Speeders Caught by Traffic Cameras

published yesterday 04:47 PM, updated today 05:04 PM

Image: YLE

In 2008 some 200,000 motorists were caught on tape for exceeding speed limits. The number of motorists with a need for speed has doubled in the past two years.

Minor traffic breaches were up the most, whereas the number of motorists speeding excessively only increased slightly. Automated traffic surveillance cameras raked over ten million euros into state coffers last year.
Surveillance cameras currently zoom in on some 3,000 kilometres of highway road in Finland.
Heikki Ihalainen, Chief Inspector of the Interior Ministry’s Supreme Police Command, says the automated surveillance project is achieving the desired results, as the system has reined in motorists who like to step on the pedal.
”We’re not looking to construct a surveillance society with cameras on every corner. Automatic speed surveillance is one tool among others. These cameras are no substitute for the police,” says Ihalainen.