Fort Collins Police Want To Expand Radar Van Areas

Fort Collins - 1/29/2009

Say Cheese. The current state law allows the vans to be placed in areas where the speed limit is 35 mph or less. Lt. Szakmeister who oversees the traffic unit for Fort Collins Police along with Fort Collins Senator Bob Bacon says they want them in zones where its 50 mph or less.

"Obviously because of the higher speed limits and people speeding then the increased speeds cause a more serious crash and because of that the stats that we've gathered on our crashes, we feel it would be advantagous to deploy this camera radar out on those kind of roadways," Szakmeister said.

Szakmeister says putting photo radar vans in higher speed limit areas around the city will not only help reduce accidents and their severity but also save everybody money in the long run.

"Ultimately as the accident or crash rate goes down, the goal is to see car insurance rates go down as well which benefits the entire community because you don't have to pay as much in car insurance," he said.

And Szakmeister says the vans are working.

"When we first started the program the compliance rate to 30 miles per hour was around 18 percent, and we've seen a pretty consistent rate in the last 8 to 9 months of about a 53 percent compliance rate," he said.

"Currently police are actually giving speeders some leeway by only snapping photos if you're going at least 10 mile per hour over the limit and there are no points unless you're going 25 miles per hour or faster over the limit. That current law will not change under the new proposal," said Szakmeister.

In addition to where they place the vans, the fines for speeding would jump. Right now its a flat fee of forty dollars. Under the new proposal that would increase to seventy five dollars.

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