Photo-enforcement camera coming to Green Valley

By Jaime Richardson

Published: Friday, January 30, 2009 7:23 PM MST

Green Valley News

A photo-enforcement camera will soon be nabbing speeding motorists along La Canada Boulevard in Green Valley.

The camera will be placed south of Duval Mine Road and will go live early this year. No exact date or camera location has been determined.s

The camera is among 10 that Pima County Sheriff’officials announced last week, and they are expected to generate up to $1.5 million per year. The Pima County Board of Supervisors approved the plan this month.

Lt. Sandy Rosenthal said the original location of the camera, which will be fixed and mounted atop a 12-foot pole, was on La Canada between Esperanza Boulevard and Continental Road. That location was deemed too distracting to homeowners because of the bright flashes of light emitted by the camera day and night.

Speeding fines are the same whether motorists are stopped by a deputy or get a citation in the mail through the photo radar program. Fines are $135 for exceeding the speed limit by 10 mph; $183 for 11-15 mph; $202 for 16-20 mph; $222 for 21-25; $235 for 26-30 mph; and $356 for 31-45 mph. Drivers could be arrested for going more than 46 mph over the posted limit.

The cameras will be run by American Traffic Solutions of Scottsdale, which operates similar programs for the Arizona Department of Public Safety and Tucson Police.

DPS’s mobile traffic cameras, one of which is deployed in the Green Valley area along Interstate 19, may not be in operation much longer if a bill banning the photo-enforcement program gets through the state Legislature. That bill would only affect cameras on interstates.

The other Tucson-area locations are as follows:

East Valencia and South Wilmot roads, approximately 1,200 feet east of the intersection.

East Ina Road and North Camino de Fosforo, west of North Pima Canyon Drive.

West Ruthrauff Road at West Calle Reina.

On South Mission Road near West Nebraska Street.

In the 4700 block of North Swan Road, south of East Calle Barril.

West Valencia Road and South Camino de la Tierra, 750 feet west of the intersection.

On South Alvernon Way, just north of South Station Master Drive.

On North La Cholla Boulevard between West Sunset Road and North Fountains Avenue.

In the 3100 block of East River Road. | 547-9726