Pima County advances plans for speed-enforcement cameras

1 comment Jan. 31, 2009 12:00 AM
Associated Press
TUCSON - Pima County is moving along with plans for speed-enforcement cameras after selecting 10 sites in the county high rates of accidents and speeds.
Along with the 10 stationary cameras will be 10 mobile units.
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The new cameras will be attached to poles located over roadways, the Pima County Sheriff's Department said.
Construction of the camera positions, including erecting poles, bringing in electricity and mounting the cameras, is expected to start within the next month and is expected to be finished in time to turn on five of the cameras by April 1, said Sheriff's Lt. Karl Woolridge, head of the special-operations section.
The program will have three phases, Woolridge said.
The first phase will be a seven-day warning period of public education.
An intermediate phase will put the photo-enforcement system in place to determine its effectiveness.
The third phase will determine whether to expand it beyond the initial locations in the unincorporated county.
The law went into effect this month and carries a fine of up to $130 per violation.
Citations will be mailed to speeding suspects. Failure to acknowledge the citation means a process server will personally deliver the citation, Woolridge said.
Motorists caught on camera doing 11 mph or more over posted speed limits will be cited, and those going 10 mph or less over the posted limit will not.