Police blitz will focus on road safety

Saturday, February 07, 2009 | No comments posted.
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Local law enforcement agencies will launch a safety blitz Monday, running through Feb. 22, in an effort to lessen the three most common factors in deadly traffic crashes. The biggest causes of fatal crashes are excessive speed, driving under the influence of intoxicants and failure to use safety restraints.

The North Bend Police Department also will focus extra effort on making sure drivers have appropriate child passenger restraints, car seats, proper belt fit and booster seats.

Oregon ranks in the top five among U.S. states for highest safety belt use at 96 percent, yet the unbelted 4 percent accounted for almost half of fatalities in traffic crashes in the state, a press release said.

Oregon law requires all motor vehicle operators and passengers to be properly secured with a safety belt or safety harness. This means that both parts of a lap and should belt system must be worn together, only one person per belt and no placement of the shoulder belt behind the back or under the arm.

The Oregon child restraint law states children weighing less than 40 pounds must be restrained in child safety seats and children weighing more than 40 pounds must use a booster seat until they are 4-foot, 9-inches tall, unless they have reached the age of 8.

For more information, contact http://www.childsafetyseat.org or http://www.buckleupamerica.org.