TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL - Tuscaloosa County, Alabama has an innovative approach to dealing with speeders. With a population of nearly 200,000, and a constant influx of requests for traffic calming, the County decided to take preemptive action. Instead of having to place an order for traffic calming solutions every time a street is approved, a large inventory of products is kept on hand. This ensures that speeding problems can be solved quickly and efficiently. When Tuscaloosa first began its traffic calming program in 2006, they were installing speed tables on roads with demonstrated speeding problems. Speed tables were chosen as a less abrupt solution to speed humps, with the goal of slowing speeds to typical residential speed limits. The speed tables the County was installing were made of concrete. Each concrete table cost the county around 50% more than a rubber speed table. In 2008, the county switched to Traffic Logix rubber speed tables. The Traffic Logix tables were selected based on recommendation from the City of Tuscaloosa.
While the price saving was a main factor for the switch, Mike Henderson, the County's Engineering Coordinator commented that they have found the rubber solutions to outperform their concrete counterparts. The concrete tables were around twice as high, at 6 inches, and were slowing motorists too aggressively. They were also causing vehicle damage. Many of the initial concrete tables are now broken and will be replaced with the Traffic Logix rubber ones.
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The Traffic Logix rubber speed tables are installed on local streets when a traffic calming request is approved. While most cities first evaluate requests and then order products afterward, Tuscaloosa found a way to expedite the process. They purchase speed tables in bulk, keeping several months of inventory in stock at a time. This accelerates the installation process considerably.
But that's not all they do to keep the process moving fast. Every time a shipment arrives it is unpacked into pallets that are sorted and marked by unit type. With so many units in storage, this saves considerable time when a crew needs to find the necessary components to create a speed table.
The County of Tuscaloosa installed 80 Traffic Logix speed tables on their streets last year. While the installation crews found the installation simple, they began to find it tiresome to bend over when installing the units. They came up with a solution to enhance the installation process as well. The crews created their own tools to allow them to install units while standing up. They created a ratchet extension tool so that they can walk along the line of bolts and fasten them without bending. They also created drill extensions and extensions for the spud wrenches.
With so many rubber speed tables on their roads, the County particularly enjoys the ability to remove and reinstall the products. When resurfacing projects take place on local roads, the tables are simply picked up and put back down. "Being able to reuse the products is very valuable," said Mr. Henderson. "And the simple installation process means it isn't labor intensive to pick them up and put them back down."
The people living on the roads with the speed tables are very happy with the speed reduction and enhanced safety. The few complaints the County has received were not from neighborhood residents. "Quite frankly, I think the complaints are coming from the speeders themselves," noted Mr. Henderson. The elected officials are happy with the products as well, as constituents continue requesting tables to keep their roads safer.
"We are confident that the speed tables are slowing traffic down," Mr. Henderson said. "We recently made a large purchase to replenish our stock and plan to continue ordering the Traffic Logix tables. Keeping units in stock means we are always ready when a speeding problem needs to be solved."
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Craig Timothy
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