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    Default ID - Boise Police may issue more tickets to boost revenues

    Boise Police may issue more tickets to boost revenues

    06:12 PM MST on Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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    Department faces budget cuts

    BOISE -- Writing more speeding tickets might be the ticket to helping boost the Boise Police Department's bottom line.
    Aggressively going after speeders is one aspect of an overall plan to boost the police department's revenue.
    Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson presented his idea to the city in an internal memo after the department was forced to make budget cuts.
    In that same memo, Masterson says he is not asking for officers to reach a quota of tickets written each month.
    But he estimates his department could increase revenue in a six-month period by $90,000 if more officers are issuing tickets.
    "There is no mandate for the officers to do any particular type of enforcement, but what the chief is doing is the calls for service in the city of Boise is down," said Boise Police spokesperson Lynn Hightower.
    With calls to service down by about 8,000 in the past five years, Masterson says there should be more time for officers to help with traffic. It's also a way to generate money.
    Ticket numbers are down by nearly 5,000 over the past four years despite more people on the roads and more complaints about aggressive driving.
    "The chief is reminding those officers that whether or not you are assigned to a traffic patrol unit or you are just patrolling a unit waiting for a call, traffic enforcement is law enforcement and if you see someone speeding or aggressive driving be out there pro-actively doing traffic enforcement," said Hightower.
    The Boise Police Department is proposing several other changes that would bring in more money, such as charging for false alarms or charging officers who take their police cars home.
    The department is also going to temporarily freeze 12 open police officer positions for now.
    Masterson says he will reevaluate that decision in May and its impact to citizen services.
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    Default Re: ID - Boise Police may issue more tickets to boost revenues

    This kind of thing is going on in a lot of places. Drivers be warned!! Keep a sharp eye out. They will be writing tickets for just about anything they can, hoping that the person cited will just send the $ in and have it over with.



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