What You Need to Know About Highway 172
Updated: Feb 2, 2009 04:35 PM
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Monday morning kicked off a six-month construction project on Highway 172. The goal is to improve the highway's pavement condition and repair the bridge over the Fox River, but in the meantime drivers in Brown County can expect some major traffic troubles.
Officers said the transition was going smoothly Monday morning.
"So far it's been going pretty good actually, pretty uneventful. A lot of people did take alternate routes this morning, which helped us out. It's a situation where things are slow-moving as far as the stages and gradual takeover here," Lieutenant Kevin Wickman of the Brown County Sheriff's Department said.
Details of Lane and Ramp Restrictions
The construction cones and signs are already poised to block traffic in several major areas along 172. Here's how your commute will be affected.

  • Highway 172 between Highway 41 and Webster Avenue will go down to one lane eastbound and two lanes westbound
  • Highway 172 from Webster to Interstate 43 will be limited to one lane in each direction

The DOT expects closing these lanes will take all day Monday.
Four main ramps leading to Highway 172 will also be shut down this week. They are:

  • The ramp connecting Highway 41 northbound to Highway 172 eastbound
  • The ramp linking Riverside Drive to Highway 172 westbound
  • The south connector ramp between Riverside Drive and Webster Avenue
  • And the ramps for Highway 172 west to and from Pilgrim Way

Plus, Monday and Tuesday, drivers won't be able to use the ramp from Vanderperren Way to Highway 172 east. The DOT says we can expect short-term closures of other ramps throughout the project, most during off-peak hours.
Construction on 172 east of Webster Avenue starts next month.
Alternate Routes
Some other options for crossing the Fox River during the repaving project are:

  • Interstate 43: The Leo Frigo Bridge crosses the river on the north side of Green Bay
  • Downtown Green Bay: Mason Street, Walnut/Shawano Street, and Main/Dousman Street bridges
  • De Pere: The Claude Allouez Bridge crosses the river in downtown De Pere to the south of 172

The State Patrol, Brown County Sheriff's Department, and Ashwaubenon Public Safety will have extra officers patrolling the area. These agencies say to stay away from Hwy 172 if you can, but tomorrow's commute will likely be interrupted no matter what route you take.
"Be aware that a lot of other people are going to be choosing that alternate route," says Lt. Keith Deneys with the Brown County Sheriff's Dept. "So expect delays if you normally travel say the Tillman bridge or the Ray Nitschke bridge. Those routes are also going to have additional traffic and can expect delays in those areas also."
Crash Investigation Sites
If you continue traveling Highway 172 during construction, police are asking drivers to change how they deal with accidents.
If you're in an accident and still able to move your car, officers ask that you call them after moving to one of the new Crash Investigation Sites -- one is on 172 east-bound at the Riverside Drive exit, another is on 172 west-bound at the Webster Avenue exit. Both are marked by blue signs.
Police say this is a measure to keep traffic flowing -- and prevent more accidents from happening -- while traffic is already bottle-necked by the construction.
Bottom Line
The message to all drivers, plan ahead, take an alternate route, and give yourself a lot of extra time to get where you're going.