Bill would let Colo. cities expand photo radar
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Associated Press - February 20, 2009 5:24 PM ET
DENVER (AP) - Colorado cities would be able to use photo radar to catch speeders in more places under a bill given initial backing by the Senate Friday.
But senators say the cameras can't be used to fine drivers if they're caught talking on their cell phones or not wearing their seat belts.
Talking and driving isn't illegal now. But lawmakers are considering another bill to require drivers to use handsfree devices.
Currently cities can use photo radar only near parks, schools, construction zones and streets with speed limits under 35 mph. Democratic Sen. Bob Bacon's bill would also allow it on streets with speed limits up to 55 mph. Fines would be capped at $40.
Bacon says only three cities now use the cameras - Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver.