Scottsdale starts fourth left-turn photo enforcement zone

February 25th, 2009 @ 5:17am

by Colton Shone/KTAR

#printemaildigg{ display:block !important; } Scottsdale's fourth left-turn photo enforcement zone goes into effect next week.
Beginning March 1, drivers who make left-hand turns on red lights at the intersection of Scottsdale and Thomas Roads will receive photo enforcement tickets.
"There's seven intersections in total that are equipped to ticket on left-turn photo enforcement," said Police Sgt. Mark Clark. "And what we're doing is we're phasing them in, and this is the fourth one."
He added, "We're phasing them in regularly so we don't overwhelm the courts and such with a large number of citations."
Clark said police were surprised to learn that "there are more violations of left-turns at intersections than there is red lights going straight through... What we're seeing is that the majority of citations at intersections are coming from folks turning left on a red arrow."
Police believe that is because drivers get annoyed at long lines of cars waiting to turn left.
Drivers already in the intersection before the left-turn light turns red will not be cited.
The city began left-turn photo enforcement last August. Citations are currently being issued from cameras located: eastbound Shea Boulevard at 90th Street, southbound Scottsdale Road at Shea; and Eastbound McDowell Road at Scottsdale Road.
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