City to beef up photo radar

Posted By Graham Mason

Posted 20 hours ago

More photo radar enforcement is coming to Lloydminster, with coverage set to increase from 24 to 40 hours per week.
“The city (has) been encouraged by residents to keep up the photo radar,” said Ald. Rob Saunders. “It seems to be having a good effect on the traffic when it’s out there in play,”
Mayor Ken Baker agreed, saying there is a strong upside to expanding coverage.
“We’re just hoping that it’ll give the police an extra hand in controlling what’s going on in the city, especially on the weekends and evenings,” said Baker. “There’s always one or two people that are always going to be upset. Nobody likes to get a speeding ticket, but most reasonable people go home and look in the mirror and say I probably deserve it. I was speeding.
“People have to start paying attention to those enforcement issues or we’re going to end up killing people on our city streets,” said Baker.
According to Tom Lysyk, senior director of corporate affairs, since the system was implemented in the summer, photo speed cameras led to 5,677 tickets issued for 7,279 traffic offences.
Highway 16 West and 62 Avenue have stood out as problem areas in the statistics.
Lysyk said 40 hours, which will be split equally between two officers, seemed like the right number for now.
“It’s just the level that we chose. You could overdo it; you could under do it. We’re trying to find a balance.”