Speed patrols to be enforced in Whiteside County
STERLING, Ill. — Captain Joel Peters, district one commander of the Illinois State Police, has announced in a press release that officers will conduct speed patrols enforcing and educating Drivers in Whiteside County.

The Illinois State Police will conduct speed patrols in conjunction with regular patrols during the month. The patrols will take place on Illinois 40, 78, 84, 72, 30 and 88. District one troopers will be concentrating on speeding violations. However, the officers will also be watching for occupant restraint violations and other traffic violations, which contribute to crashes such as following too closely, improper lane usage and aggressive driving.

The troopers will enforce speeding laws to ensure drivers and their passengers arrive safe and alive. According to the press release, speeding-related accidents account for 30 percent of all traffic fatalities nationwide. In Illinois, 39 percent of all crash fatalities are due in part to speeding. Statistics also show the probability of death, disfigurement or debilitating injury doubles for every 10 miles per hour over 50 miles per that a vehicle travels.

The Illinois State Police press release also states that speeding also affects a driver’s personal expenses. Passenger cars and light trucks use about 50 percent more fuel traveling at 75 miles per hour than they do at 55 miles per hour.

Speed patrols are funded through a grant from the United State Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The grant is administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation and Division of Traffic Safety.