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    Default laser vans catch 100 cars a day, front page of local paper!!

    when i drove passed a paper shop near me i saw the sign out saying cameras catch something!??

    so tonight i was out with my father and we got some diesel, he come out with a local news paper which on the front page it said D road cameras catch 100 a day!

    drivers furious, but workers say protection is needed!

    so far they say at minimum 4000 drivers will have got caught.

    they are on bridges on the A500 which is a 50mph road which is now 30 mph due to road works.........

    heres a pic of the van from the site!

    heres the full story........

    14:30 - 26 September 2005
    Speed cameras are catching out 100 motorists a day at the A500 roadworks.

    Mobile units have been drafted in to protect workmen who fear for their lives at a two-mile stretch around the Stoke Road and City Road roundabouts. They asked for help after a catalogue of near-accidents where HGVs and cars are said to have ploughed into cordons at breakneck speeds narrowly missing workers.

    Camera operators would not reveal how frequently the vans are monitoring the A500 but it is understood to be between five and seven days a week for the last two months.

    At the minimum, 4,000 drivers will have been snared travelling at more than 30mph- equalling more than £216,000 in fines.

    Ninety per cent of offenders are hit with a £60 penalty and three points on their licence. The rest are caught travelling above 56mph, which means they are summoned to court and can receive a bigger fine and a driving ban. The highest speed detected so far is 77 mph.

    Aside from the shallow ditch and cones which form a cordon around the workers, they have only hard hats and fluorescent jackets for protection.

    But many motorists are furious and claim the cameras are purely money-making machines which do little to boost safety.

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    Some small municipalities in the US are known for having almost 75% of their budget come from moving violations. Most of the violators are people from out of town. This is obviously a complete scam. Unfortunately people are lulled by conmen saying that they are in the wrong going 7mph over a limit when most reasonable speeds are sometimes 20 mph over the limit. The reason people do nothing is that they think they are definitely in the wrong and just want to get the whole ordeal over with. So they pay the ticket, accept the BS consequences which have been bestowed on them by criminals *cough, cough*, i mean politicians who have an interest in generating revenue for their city, state, county, whatever. Consequences include hundreds of dollars worth of tickets even if the only person you were endangering by speeding was yourself. Cops know the system is against the motorist, but of course they need to make it look like they did something beyond eating donuts when its their duty to monitor traffic...

    The whole system is against the people and because we are lulled by propoganda that we are in the wrong, nothing changes. I have an idea... how about the system is unreasonable and corrupt and abusive...

    Sorry for my rambling but I just think things need to change.

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    i agree, i'm all for anything which makes driving safer. like better brakes, abs systems. esp, bds etc!

    if designers cant design fast safe roads then they shouldnt be allowed to design roads at all.

    its all down to local councils who are running riot which the roads putting low speed limits everywhere and ramps and roundabouts all over the shop!

    it gets me that they have started puting shoes in the road to represent accidents, and then put posters up of it...

    there is far too much ''road litter'' as it is without putting trainers in the road, this can cause accidents as people try to avoid objects in the roads!

    its this stupid mentality of people here in britain which is ruining this country.

    theses are just one of the stupid road which we have to drive on over here!

    that used to be a 60mph road!

    forcing drivers into oncoming traffic!!

    can you spot the camera van??



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