NPD pursues traffic enforcement grant Written by News Staff Saturday, March 14, 2009 NEWMAN – The Newman Police Department has put in for a grant which would put a motorcycle unit on the street dedicated to traffic enforcement.
Police Chief Adam McGill said it could be several months before the department learns if the application is approved.
Traffic-related complaints are commonly fielded by the police department, with most involving speeders and stop sign violations.
The department has stepped up its enforcement efforts, McGill said, but an additional unit would allow a greater focus on traffic while adding another officer to the local police force.
While primarily responsible for traffic enforcement, the chief explained, a grant-funded officer would also be available to respond as needed to other types of calls and incidents.
“The grant would allow us to respond to the frequent traffic complaints we receive and would put another officer on the street,” stated McGill.
The federal grant is administered through the state Office of Traffic Safety.
It would fully fund the officer and all associated equipment for the first year, and pick up 50 percent of the expense in the second.
“We would have no obligation beyond two years,” McGill pointed out. “After that is is all on us to continue or eliminate the position.”
Traffic enforcement has become a higher priority for the department.
“We have put an emphasis on it, and I believe people have noticed,” McGill acknowledged. “We are trying to maintain a consistent level of enforcement.”
He is making no predictions about whether Newman will land one of the grants, which will be based on a number of traffic safety criteria.
“It’s a roll of the dice,” McGill conceded. “We don’t know if we will get it or not.”